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DOING: TODD vs. THE TITANIC at Adirondack Theatre Festival!

After a fruitful (what'd you call me?) developmental period, I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that TODD vs. THE TITANIC (formerly ONE-MAN TITANIC) is going to have its WORLD PREMIERE at Adirondack Theatre Festival in the camera-ready, picturesque town of Glens Falls, NY! Book by Scott Rothman, lyrics by Kellen Blair, directed by Meredith McDonough, music by me... & also (gasp, gulp, etc.) I'll be the solo performer.

I play Todd, the sole survivor of an apocalyptic event that's taken out all the other members of my theater troupe. According to ATF's website, Todd "attempts to persevere, mourn, and stay sane by playing all the roles in a big musical about the Titanic by himself!" (Also according to their website, I am "outrageously talented"... please don't shoot the messenger.)

Our World Premiere run will be June 27-July 3, so please come on by! Tickets here:

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