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DONE: MURDER FOR TWO at Bristol Riverside Theater!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Martin Landry and I are re-opening Bristol Riverside Theatre with Murder For Two, NOW through OCT. 10! Featuring the original, superslick off-Broadway set and designs! See the news spot below:

Murder For Two's NYC/touring set by the brilliant Beowulf Boritt has been taken out of storage and restored to all its cheeky glory! Plus there's the original staging by Scott Schwartz / restored by J. Scott Lapp, original sound design by Jill BC Du Boff / restored by Colin Whitely, original lighting plot by Jason Lyons / restored by Ben Fichthorn... all in all, it's a family reunion!

Photo: Garvin

Working with Martin Landry (as Marcus) is a wonderful experience. He's funny, he's scary, he's sweet, he's 6'5" so he makes me stand up straighter... what more could you ask for?

Photo: Garvin

COME SEE US now through Oct. 10! Tickets and details below, or at

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